★, ★ Shisa


In April, starts season has arrived.

In the hope or expectation chest fully,
Many people are beginning a new life is not it?
And the fireworks display early in Japan Okinawa Ryukyu sea Fire Festival
Okinawa international movie festival, enjoy all the events ahead.

And the 4/3
In a play on words"Day"

But if you walk the way you always meet Ceaser, Okinawa;
And also integrated into life as the guardian Shisa is a fellow of the Sphinx and the merlion
Since ancient times from the people there is cat-like face(Lol)
I think everyone is aware that
1 pair of Aun are also Shisa.
Eat lots of sataandagi's open mouth.
But not for inviting good fortune.
Closed mouth Shisa break the curse, evenGuardian Angel of happinessRight.

I also learn the Shisa
Big mouth open while we laugh a lot,
Start the new year.(^○^)Roars!

Everyone please fit the spring wish you a pleasant!
Kina was immediately

★ giggling Shisa and!.!.! And and and and! ★ Shisa

Deca is Ceaser's! It is?!(°-°;)
Like the title is.

Georg eyes!
And great open mouth!

Today is from Ryukyu Palace head office library, 3 minutes
Yachimun (pottery), located at the entrance to it
Guardian deity of the city of Naha "Tsuboya giggling Shisa ' introduction.

More than 3 meters in height, tofu(Big)The Shisa
0/2013, Tsuboya ware potters who painstakingly is made.

During the daytime every 10 minutes to mouth and base from mist(Fog)Is the system.
(One of the disambiguation, there is a poison mist green, red, blue,
As the image is like that feeling.(° B °;Bruno)-
However, Shisa mist colorless harmless & very refreshing is, so
You can enjoy theirs.(^ o ^)v)

And at night is lit up, and press the button of the monument
Of all, will you introduce yourself at!
(Audio is very astringent voice deep Tsuboya residents Association,
That of the President.)

Thanks for watching on a rainy day and the sunny days.
It is somewhat reassuring(^ Mike ^)-"Arigato!!Ufsisar!

Be if compared to the summer, this ~ ~ and was a pleasant
Recommended for Naha, Okinawa was walking spots.

And then,
Pray for the happiness of the people who live in Okinawa, people, people coming and going
Made a tofu from Shisa dangling just 3 minutes!
[Ryukyu candy Ministry of Ryukyu Palace] to explore the temple visit please!
Next to the goodwill of Ryukyu in the inside back
Will greet also the Palace Ryukyuan Shisa.


Kina I did immediately.