Wake up it's lots of sataandagi

Wake up it's lots of sataandagi
EveryoneAre you having?

Thank you! Natsuki is(^^)
Of the recent typhoon No. 7 after a home troubled storms ants, hurried forward.
Family(?)More is a good thing, too much increase in the moment.
Do not eat sweets hidden is struggle!

But now suddenly it is our"Breakfast"What is a sect??
Power goes out from rice foreigners with coffee bread foreigners
Start 1 day meal is what you want I cherish.

I was recently, lots of sataandagi sect.(Rice is in the past.)
You may eat as is,
More delicious!On top of thatSuper easy!On the day we will introduce how to dine.

1 First of all, to Ryukyuan Palace to buy lots of sataandagi!
(Aaron's Ryukyu Palace HP, Yahoo!It is possible to get from shopping.)

2 In the morning is a race against time.
It is recommended because it's fun to think from the day before to what side dishes and drinks.
(Before I went to sleep in the fridge to not like decided while())

3 Slice and lots of sataandagi your favorite flavor, Cook in a toaster oven for 1 minute.
(This is the thing to burn the slice points from.)

4 Them, and voila!
Crispy texture is unlike the usual, eat fresh, happy & sausage, scrambled eggs and alternates, and more "delicious ~ ~." is.

朝ごはんに琉宮のサーターアンダギー スライスしてトーストするとさらに美味しい!

Holiday walks in the morning, I tried モーニングサーターアンダギー.
I can eat lots of sataandagi while watching the Sea well.

海を眺めて琉宮のサーターアンダギー そよぐ海風、片手にはサーターアンダギー。

Come off you try. (^ o ^)

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