Okinawa spirited gourmet

Okinawa spirited gourmet
It is a Ryukyuan Palace misa.

Okinawa is in the rainy season a few weeks
Though no rain, the hot and humid days

As early as theSummer heat??Creepy.

At the turn of the seasons from now for the summer
Source of energy
Okinawa healthy gourmet will be introduced!
Ladies and gentlemen, there are things I ate there?

Okinawa Soba


Keita mozuku

Desire atumploo

"It is of course had" is probably more likely.

Do you food would be interested it?
Also, the dish?

And eat it when you come to Okinawa
No sense came to Okinawa! I think the food is
Every single one, absolutely there!

And blow away the heat alle!

Yes, that!

Of RyukyuDream color zenzaiTo eat
Mensore,, and.

Once, then hungry (lol)

But Buri to the inside juice I want to eat! (laughs)

When you have no appetite to eat
Healthy gourmetIs it there?

These dishes are
Because it is only in operation around the
Please contact the staff!

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