Laughter and lots of sataandagi saves the world! And should be

Laughter and lots of sataandagi saves the world! And should be
Seattle space needle
5Remaining months, 1 / 3rd.
Okinawa is alreadyThe rainy seasonEnter and it has not lost the summer sun!


SuddenlyThe story changes.
Ryukyu Palace lately(It'sTo name a few)In may be prevalent.

Yes, it is.

"Puns! '

It's who thought the pun?
The pun is.
* Also known asPunsAt least known.

"Number of hits if you can" is giving to people who touched the individuality of each person if you even sorry bout the "soul mind blow" off with exquisite timing, humor(¯ ∇ ¯)Lol
By the wayThe latter type IAnd we are proud. ←

And they're here!
MySoulWith careOne-shot gagWould you want to show off!


"Are you ready?'






And how did?
Too much funAnyone want to try toIt was cold and freezingI9%The people also come to tropical Okinawa Ryukyu shrine, please ☆

More than a pure silent and this day is was!

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Yahoo store "Ministry of Ryukyu candy Ryukyu Palace '
Visit us and look forward to!

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2018New sugar orders flooded in.

PopularIt'sMiyako-Tarama island of Okinawa brown sugarButHave been chosen
And the reason.
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