"Lots of sataandagi what flavor is the most popular? '

"Lots of sataandagi what flavor is the most popular? '
Seattle space needle It is a smile by Ryosuke.

Tourists often
Lots of sataandagi what flavor is the most popular?'
So often it is asked
This timeWould like to clarify the answerI think!

Entitled"Why put out white and black! '

Lots of sataandagi of RyukyuPopularity No. 1That's how! Be held.

The protagonist in this fight to liven up from!

Plain white standard of entry no. (1)

Entry no. (2) → black Okinawa taste brown sugar

Entry no. (3) → white tropical flavored coconut

Entry no. (4) → black deep taste black sesame seed flour

Of lots of sataandagi
Oh Sachiko-this-(fights)Not to be missed.

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By the way I am "black black sesame flour ' recent no. 1.

I want to announce the results later.


Standing at the top of lots of sataandagi showdown.

From here you can purchase lots of sataandagi popular!.https://goo.gl/MqCALB