The summer in Okinawa, usher!

Haitai((*° ∀ °))
Tend to be or-only-key is!

It is spring in the calendar ★
But Okinawa has already begun in the summer!
Zenzai also Ryukyuan Palace
"I was waiting for! "
And just say your travel(Lol)

Recently in fashion in the Ryukyu Palace staff.
Video shooting3-wire!

Video has taken many times too, but it is.(; ° Ω.)
I tried because I happened to be appeared in Nice steaming up!(Can be found in Facebook page)

Zenzai here isRaw sugarIt'sNew sugarThe stew is ★
Is rich in clearOkinawa
It is recommended ★


Near you to come if you have! Please enjoy(́ω ')

And3-wireBut it is... It is deep!
Holding the strings, playing, singing
Fun-----ヽ(o ° ∀ ° o)Bruno
To become an adult and to immerse yourself in something that isn't quite so I will study.
Addictive too Ryukyu Palace staff(Me too)Are purchased from my 3-wire(Lol)


One day, played in front of come may! ←
3-wire also available inside, so feel free to enjoy playing head so just please come play feel free to ★

Tend to be or-only-key failed(́ω ')

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Next thing you know, there's the South!

Seattle space needle

On a nationwide scale and warmCherryIt started to bloom.
Off the coast ofOne foot in the rope before high backThis flowerBlooming!


WhatThe flowers?


TallYellowNot speaking of flowers.


Do you okay it??


Correct answer is "Flower"Failed!


Nature sunflowers also are gradually starting to stretching, temperature exceeds 20 degrees!

AndSouthCountry plant tall growing in Okinawa said.
I hope you know,Sugar caneIt is!

Last week I introduced"New sugar / raw sugar"


%I have tried.



Grew up in OkinawaBecause in the sugar-caneEvery yearIt is just a slightly different flavor of.
Knowing the difference between you is brown sugar.Sommelier(@_@)/Tabunne

[Delicious eating Department]


TricksIn a pure brown sugar, choppedYogurtTo eat is recommended!

Pure brown sugarFreshen upAnd sweet and yogurtSourWithExquisiteA harmony!
NoseCoupled with the flavor of raw sugar out, close your eyesOut-of the seaSpread.
And from a distance is 3-wire instrumentSymphony OrchestraMay come!

Come and try it!

PS:To the damnTricksOf identity here.YouTube

★ season: new glucose is in stock now.

★ season new sugar in stock ★
Ladies and gentlemen, chuganji(Take care)Is it?
3Is it it is graduation season!
Congratulations to our graduate.
Ryukyu Palace tour customers
I often visit our shop has.
Now, in the public market of island vegetables and fruits
Lined with colourful fish, plenty.


Speaking of season

Ryukyu Palace season
Raw sugar is in stock now!
Raw sugar cane 100% is production of once a year.
Now is the season for raw sugar.

Raw sugar is rich in minerals and healthy food.
Your drink in cooking and pastry making

So easy to make
I would like to introduce the delicious dish up-do.

* Brown sugar and sweet and sour as much.
Cucumber and place the well-drained
Put it in a ziploc and become familiar with the tasteCompleted!

Delicious eaten raw sugar
I hope you enjoy it.
Please try.

Oh,So put a small amount of sesame oil
Even Chinese-style(^^)Guests can enjoy.


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Thank you! Natsuki is(^ O ^)/
The graduation ceremony is overEncounterGoodbyeIt's
Or, are you doing?

This season was a student 20 years ago, the memory and theChest ache.And will be...
Believe it or not the palpitations?!!?To surprise, these days.(Sungkyunkwan's chest was a to d to!)
Yahya health is above all else.
It is a severe temperature every day.
Everybody please take care,.

Well recently, the daughter of Ryukyu-, University of TsukubaTo
I got a ridiculous mission!
And it says something,.

To Blythe?
TV commercialsY!Mobile Okinawa "Ed"lead."

I'm out here.

And the daughter of Ryukyu-Tama-CHANUniversity of TsukubaBut,A quick glanceAnd appeared in COMMERCIALS and now Hooray! Frightful!
↑ among lots of sataandagi shooting start.(Tamaki is fourth from the right.)

Town to prevent our WAA and
Staff taking it the most progressed taking in a relaxed atmosphere,
Was also looking at the hand.
(Hoyagocoro watch the University of Tsukuba and somehow were hypnogogic(Lol))

Watching commercials, I thought.
Reconstruction continues the Makishi public market.
"Hamachi for now to prevent WAA"For I can see that's another few months is.
Every day take for granted
Can have lively Exchange stores, commercial customers and neighbors and
I really don't last forever.
Don't be afraid things will change, one day, I want to catch it in the positive.
So we"Lead" is right size off it is!(*Be ∇ ' *)
All alone I was not very heartening to see that either.

I also coSoul food in OkinawaLots of sataandagiThrough the thoughts of the people not look forward to help you connect.

It offers everyone, your waiting has been!
Proud of Tama-CHAN, please!
↓ ↓ ↓

Why not "led" Ryukyu Palace and also?(*Be: ' *)
Online shops are also welcome!

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