The summer in Okinawa, usher!

The summer in Okinawa, usher!
Tend to be or-only-key is!

It is spring in the calendar ★
But Okinawa has already begun in the summer!
Zenzai also Ryukyuan Palace
"I was waiting for! "
And just say your travel(Lol)

Recently in fashion in the Ryukyu Palace staff.
Video shootingAnd3-wire!

Video has taken many times too, but it is.(; ° Ω.)
I tried because I happened to be appeared in Nice steaming up!(Can be found in Facebook page)

Zenzai here isRaw sugarIt'sNew sugarThe stew is ★
Is rich in clearOkinawa
It is recommended ★


Near you to come if you have! Please enjoy(́ω ')

そして3-wireBut it is... It is deep!
Holding the strings, playing, singing
Fun-----ヽ(o ° ∀ ° o)
To become an adult and to immerse yourself in something that isn't quite so I will study.
Addictive too Ryukyu Palace staff(Me too)Are purchased from my 3-wire(Lol)


One day, played in front of come may! ←
3-wire also available inside, so feel free to enjoy playing head so just please come play feel free to ★

Tend to be or-only-key failed(́ω ')

☆ instagram is here!.
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