★ season: new glucose is in stock now.

★ season: new glucose is in stock now.
★ season new sugar in stock ★
Ladies and gentlemen, chuganji(Take care)Is it?
3MoonIs it it is graduation season!
Congratulations to our graduate.
Ryukyu Palace tour customers
I often visit our shop has.
Now, in the public market of island vegetables and fruits
Lined with colourful fish, plenty.


Speaking of season

Ryukyu Palace season
Raw sugar is in stock now!
Raw sugar cane 100% is production of once a year.
Now is the season for raw sugar.

Raw sugar is rich in minerals and healthy food.
Your drink in cooking and pastry making

So easy to make
I would like to introduce the delicious dish up-do.

* Brown sugar and sweet and sour as much.
Cucumber and place the well-drained
Put it in a ziploc and become familiar with the tasteCompleted!

Delicious eaten raw sugar
I hope you enjoy it.
Please try.

Oh,So put a small amount of sesame oil
Even Chinese-style(^^)Guests can enjoy.


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