Thank you! Natsuki is(^O^)/
The graduation ceremony is overEncounterAndGoodbyeSpring
Or, are you doing?

This season was a student 20 years ago, the memory and theChest ache.And will be...
Believe it or not the palpitations?!!?To surprise, these days.(Sungkyunkwan's chest was a to d to!)
Yahya health is above all else.
It is a severe temperature every day.
Everybody please take care,.

Well recently, the daughter of Ryukyu-, University of TsukubaTo
I got a ridiculous mission!
And it says something,.

To Blythe?
TV commercialsY!Mobile Okinawa "Ed"lead."

I'm out here.

And the daughter of Ryukyu-Tama-CHANUniversity of Tsukubaが、A quick glanceAnd appeared in COMMERCIALS and now Hooray! Frightful!
↑ among lots of sataandagi shooting start.(Tamaki is fourth from the right.)

Town to prevent our WAA and
Staff taking it the most progressed taking in a relaxed atmosphere,
Was also looking at the hand.
(Hoyagocoro watch the University of Tsukuba and somehow were hypnogogic(Lol))

Watching commercials, I thought.
Reconstruction continues the Makishi public market.
"Hamachi for now to prevent WAA"For I can see that's another few months is.
Every day take for granted
Can have lively Exchange stores, commercial customers and neighbors and
I really don't last forever.
Don't be afraid things will change, one day, I want to catch it in the positive.
So we"Lead" is right size off it is!(*Be ∇ ' *)
All alone I was not very heartening to see that either.

I also coSoul food in OkinawaLots of sataandagiThrough the thoughts of the people not look forward to help you connect.

It offers everyone, your waiting has been!
Proud of Tama-CHAN, please!

Why not "led" Ryukyu Palace and also?(*Be: ' *)
Online shops are also welcome!

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