The taste of the fascinating. And its true identity,?

The taste of the fascinating. And its true identity,?
Soon spring break!
The graduation trip to Okinawa Go!
And without hesitation
"Ryukyu-snacks restaurant-loochooan Palace ' to Go!
沖縄に来たら絶対に行きたいサーターアンダギー専門店 琉宮のサーターアンダギー

Because Okinawa celebrated cherry blossoms in full bloom, the air temperature over 20 ° C every day of the warm travel date(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
China is kinda hot! Lol

Believe it or not coming to Okinawa"Lots of sataandagi of Ryukyu"I won't eat and go home?(° 0 °)Mottainai!

Lots of sataandagi specializes in "Ministry of Ryukyu candy Ryukyu Palace ', steady glow of skilled craftsmanship taste. With each day, hand-made.
The taste is superb defended the traditional "plain", "brown sugar",
Ryukyu Palace limitedNew texture to become a habit "black sesame flour" 4 types of "coconut".

I recommend "black sesame flour" is. With a refined sweetness and
Fluffy out and flavor of Sesame spread this alsoSpecialWhat is!
You know you can't eat!
Want to eat soon as well. I'm always eating. Lol

For example, when suffered souvenirsOkinawan "yamahara shikuwasa.
Miyako-Tarama island produced "raw sugar"In conjunction with the
Too thoroughly to try to set Okinawa horsetail!! of course all aligned in the Ryukyu Temple(^ o ^)/
本場の味、宮古多良間産純黒糖 沖縄に来たら絶対食べたい、職人手作り琉宮のサーターアンダギー

I recently too cute photo shot! Naha with cherry blossoms. Please to enjoy plenty of spring scenery and delicious Okinawa. ^ – ^!
沖縄でサーターアンダギーを食べながらお花見 沖縄の桜

Best reward trip to Okinawa!
"Ryukyu-snacks restaurant-loochooan Palace ' to!


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