Good squid!

Good squid!
Seattle space needle
This is known as Ryukyu Palace fish aka anglers miyazato.
Introducing the squid catch in Okinawa this time.
Its name is"Sirichai.

In Okinawa, 11-fished in the winter from February's fall season.
I was fishing more than 1.5 kg with personal best this season! Gyeogyeorc!?
In the squid dish"Good squid! "I would like foodSquid ink soupIt is. But think it looks black and the squid and the smilie's "squid and" will!(° B °)

そして、"Good squid! "I would have featured productsFrilly poop out Piru.です。

It is best to have gone fishing, shook with a snack break in and eat while watching the sea.
Also recommended as a souvenir for small children.
Easily create fun and frilly, served(^ o ^)
The taste isSugar powderSoybean flourCinnamonOf the three.

You are looking for souvenirs to Ryukyu please come!

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