Immediately I Piru-for bouquet of flowers!

Immediately I Piru-for bouquet of flowers!
Misa because you ate too much at the new year, yet considering the scales it is ^ – ^

Everyone, new year's mood is calm
Returning to the usual routine isn't there?

By the way, IComing of age ceremonyIt was.
To or watching TV, and I even decades before ceremonies are
Reminds me of yesterday (laughs)

The image presents the coming of age ceremony
Made at the request of the customerTri Ochi was Piru, the bouquet of flowersIt is.

In the original, delicious,
Moreover, cute?

And pleased!

* POO! Piru, and is in the Okinawa dialect(Small)It is a means. This is lots of sataandagi bite size.

You also
The staff of Ryukyu"Immediately I Piru-the bouquet! 'And
Please tell!

Packaging will respond free of charge!

This year lots of sataandagi of Ryukyu is
Scene of many smiles as possible hit
Go hard so thank you

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Tucker, birth celebration! Lots of sataandagi auspicious confections!

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