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A happy new year!
Happy new yearRyukyu PalaceThank you m(_ _)m

And congratulations to our coming of age ceremony celebrated ★

It is new year's 1 second article ★
Was worried about, I'll tell you what it is, but still talk about are things of Okinawa. Coming of age ceremony.Congratulations...


Ladies and gentlemen, the[Tucker]Do you know?
[Tucker]And that, said the birth celebrationIn their zodiac signs, heiwajimaHope, doTraditional eventsWhat is ★
This year is our year of the dog-(*´∀`*)

ThisTuckerThe events in Okinawa have been important in theThis year's 2/17(Lunar 1/2)To be done!

Will be held during theKajimaya!!
97Years of ageThe celebration(́ω ')
(The lunar calendar is held in 9/7 / 10/15)
Regional parties in the parade in a convertible or a hotel, will be held.
It can be seen by international Street near the Ryukyu Palace if timing is right. Lions .(・∀・)Degrees ...-


In fact a simpleton,Good luck cakeIt'sLots of sataandagiAlso use our ★
In particular, using the bingata designs with red & white gift box
*• ° ° • *:..:*・’世果報’・*:.. ..:*• ° ° • *


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Tucker, birth celebration! Lots of sataandagi auspicious confections!

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