Travel to lots of sataandagi

Travel to lots of sataandagi
HarumiThe morning breaks, betting in
"Where to go today?"
And I think about while watching the blue sky peeking through a gap in the curtains.
It is the beginning for a nice day!

Planning a party,
The blowing of the wind as the fancy 委setari.
Leave the rest of the world
This is an unexpected finding and a fresh feeling to be happy.

Well, lots of sataandagi also journey to did you know?


Today“Snufkin-loochooan Palace”[Shook poop out Piru!]The story is.

They are 3 brothers.
Bite-size Petite,
Cinnamon, soybean flour, powdered sugar and character different.
They entered the cup easy to carry sweet tooth on someone's backpack side pockets and
While fit tote bag get to travel around Japan and abroad.

Fairly wet alright, because the waves of the sea they are.
Danger and can fight against Ajax and comes with sword-stick.
When you use the"Bob"Eject and"Scoops."And is good so they can bite.
Is a container with a lid that's up charm points!, oishiicotomovathlechaikenay!


Do you we it together went only want now?()
Lots of sataandagi travel [m immediately. Piru-] is today waiting in the shop of Ryukyu.
Mountains, rivers and sea play with a travel buddy
Please go take a look at, together(^ o ^)/


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