Festival of the Sun, sea and joggers

Festival of the Sun, sea and joggers
Seattle space needle
This is known as Ryukyu Palace fish aka anglers miyazato.
This is no fish story, often fish recently.(Lol)
Speaking Sunday December 1 each yearNAHA MarathonI had!
Also known asThe rite of Sun, sea and joggersAlso known as the event is called, to widen the circle of friendship.
It is a full marathon is the most popular in Okinawa, each year more than 20000 people join more people from outside the Prefecture to participate year after year.
Looks like a Jogger running international street you see on the TV screen, and were swimming in the crowd!(Lol)

Actually I also 8 years ago in Active runner in the past seven times finish we. Painful in the Sun for me even if audience Tiberi you(Do your best)Fueled by the cheering and cheering and drum sensation scored moments, is the best feeling I?

Runner you recommend me from the menu.
JA ja ~ n!"Shikuwasa lemonade'It is.

Tarama island"Pure black sugar use brown sugar."Shikuwasa yamahara.And a nice sour flavor of the brown sugar and sweetness, shikuwasaー same umaiThat's right.
Also nutritional ingredient of brown sugar, often contain minerals such as calcium, vitamins and iron and has effect in fatigue recovery, shikuwasa vitamin C and citric acid effect in addition to take 1 day is best.
I think that exercising the right to drink.
Ryukyu Palace all day! Blooming flowers and my Marathon story come enjoy (^ o ^)/

by a lunch

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