"Takashi Hashi marathon '

"Takashi Hashi marathon '
One of the popular events in Okinawa
"Takashi Hashi marathon '
11And was held in the city of Nancheng in 5.

The hardest part course New 里坂(Shin really Villa)
Is the distance of 1 or 2 km 150 m height difference.
That is a dangerous place runner up plague
There is a reason for the popularity is likely.

Also, "Takashi Hashi marathon ' for
Catch copyCool niceIt is!

New 里坂(Shin really Villa)The winners
Become a champion
With the new 里坂
Only for the people
"I saw the King of the ancient views]
Have been waiting for
Old sauce!
Strong people.
The proof of the conqueror.

Include and.

How to drive in the Nanjo
But I think that you know
From a steep climb up
ViewsViewsWhat is the.
Please come visit on a sunny day(And ω ^)/

What now from times Ryukyuan shrine
Runners challenge for proof of that.


Strong man who is five years challenging opponents.

As a result

1Hours 31 minutes Race!


Miyazato said,
: In addition to practice, you want to challenge or!
And was passionately.

I had listened to the passion.
I also try next year!

I wonder if I?
Ah, but I..

Support Gambari! (Lol) Chan Chan!.

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