The King and Queen on Kokusai Street!

The King and Queen on Kokusai Street!
The King and Queen on Kokusai Street!
AutumnSpeaking of
Okinawa, SHURI Castle Festival will be held on 11 March.
One can feel the narrative history of the Ryukyus, the King and Queen in the international Street processionIt will be held!!

And see the colorful costumes of the King and Queen
Bingata designs colors and glossy
Fenghuang (Phoenix) of the picture is impressive.
Dunhuang dynasty navigator and feel pampered.
The King and Queen is chosen from applicants living in Prefecture!
Please come!(^-^)/
Such as Phoenix are imaginary creatures that wish for peace
SC male, 凰鈴 female symbol for marital harmony and does
As it is used.

Fondly to Ryukyu Palace
The package was drawn of a Phoenix
Plain lots of sataandagi wish for happiness
Now the world has been released.
Old Okinawan language is [world now] (Awry desire)And,
Is the meaning of world peace.

Skilled craftsmen with sincerity, we will make.
Please use.

Please click here for details of the SHURI Castle Festival.
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