A tamannnai! ~

A tamannnai! ~
CY-!! Nice to meet you!
It is a Ryukyuan Palace staff miyazato.
After a training period, became a formal staff safely, please thank you you please!
And, finally, played a blog debut today(^^)v

To tell the truth I, in fishing love"Ryukyu Palace fish aka"It is called!
That, you introduce Okinawan typical upscale fish today.
Its name is"Taman

Not that everyone was heard again in Okinawa?
Officially "Hamahevki"That is a fish.
Fish tropical fish in high-quality whites, not addictive, 煮付ke, the ingredient's umai same fish. Gyeogyeorts?
I been 60 cm big this season! (^_^)

And in operation "Taman' Not as delicious black sesame flour lots of sataandagi is.
Warmed in the toaster oven 1 minute "Oh Sachiko-.-' in and served with Sesame flavor, ー geo then in it is!A tamannnai! ~(° B °;)

When you visit the Ryukyu Palace come try!

by a lunch

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