★ Yikes I ★

★ Yikes I ★
☆!, including me(Delicious)

Continues to be a hot day, but how are you?
These days leave umbrellas and hats!
This hot summer is a you remember what to do?
In OkinawaIs in the summer and are essential


Okinawa island vegetables nucigsi.[Of drugs]And vegetables

Classic cuisine Goya or bitter gourd juice is nucigsi.
Essential to spend the summer in
There are plenty of hospitable Island vegetable dishes.

Hospitality cookingFestive mealThat is also lots of sataandagi tahini since ancient times.
Open your mouth, see I'm laughing from lots of sataandagi
I'm indispensable to Okinawa celebrations and festivals.
While eating delicious food share happiness with everyone.


Lots of sataandagi indispensable celebration and gift in the Ryukyu Temple
Are available.
That's OKDuring the celebrationいかがですか?

Drink bitter melon juice stores introduced earlier but up-do(^ _-)-☆

Are still hot will continue.
乗ri切rimashou summer with a smile, eat delicious food ~ ♪ ♪


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