Speaking of Okinawa,.

Speaking of Okinawa,.
Okinawa now, tourism is the season!
Midsummer sun Gilla.(°-°;)Toker

Hello everyone"Okinawa"Speaking of do what you imagine?
Aquarium tropical, marine sports, Shisa, Goya, near Okinawa, SHURI Castle, beauty...

I don't think there is beam Okinawa's main attraction is no longer personal,Beautiful seaIt is!

This time the tourist ship recommended "Orca No."We introduce.
Orca issue that set sail from the port of Naha is a semi-submersible underwater sightseeing boat, is on the first floor and second floor nice breeze from horizon views.
And go down to the basement and would you believe it! Seen a colorful, tropical fish, swim emerald waters(^ o ^)/
Can enjoy the sea of Okinawa batch so watch the underwater viewing point. Undersea fantasy is too beautiful, inspiring, if you're lucky it is seen sea turtles too!
If you are interested take a look at try please!



Oh, don't forget!
Speaking of Okinawa, it was lots of sataandagi! Lol

Look at the beautiful sea, "Lots of sataandagi of Ryukyu"Eat and enjoy at Okinawa(^_-)
And also, please!


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