Power spot God "kudaka island."

Power spot God "kudaka island."
Power spot
GodOf the island"Kudaka island."

Okinawa continues every day, hot day.
Face to face every day, not even swim in the sea
Is congaree, bronzed misa(And ω ^)/

Today in a very famous spot
"Kudaka island."Of the introduction.
5, Has gone six times (lol) and I go to.

It is a small island within 15 minutes by high speed boat from Okinawa.
Beach, accommodation,
Also can provide friends also can be a day trip, so(And ω ^)/
Attention:Confirmation is necessary because there are no swimming or roped-off the beach.
And, throughout the entire island is routinely among Beach rocks.

Kudaka island reached first with bicycles on the island around I.
Also the ambience of the island special?(*´?`*)??
GodThe island from??
It feel liberated from the leisurely flowing time!.
From the middle of the village to(Town eeguwaa)Kohler stores and drinking in there is so good (laughs)
Ice is nice to.

«GodThe island»Kudaka islandThe
Wishes, not
And give thanks where said.
Let's see! Indeed, it is very important!
You can visit again??

And further,LuckWatch out, this summer 乗ri切rimashou(#^.^#)

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