New release!!!

New release!!!
Haitai ヽ(Be! ')Bruno
1Day 2 times! Eat with Ryukyu Palace
Tend to be or-only-key is ★ ←

Have I been too hot
To heat stroke 10 minutes watch out!

Ladies and gentlemen, theRyukyu Palace giftsThe know?


Thanks and many orders every day, and we raised delighted Isuzu(° Д ';≡;́Д °)-Eva
From around the country to a lot of peopleLots of sataandagi of RyukyuYou know, I'm happy as long as ★

And we was playing in the dark
Would you believe it!In Ryukyu, behind closed doors引菓子The development has been.



Is still preparing for the picture is not shown
A little blog here are some I can think!
8Later this monthIt is scheduled for release!
★ We also haven't seen the completed yet, so ready and excited and waiting.
ー ー, I shall look forward to(-^ Mouth ^-)
So please wait further news ★

★ in-key ★

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Looking for a 引菓子 of Okinawa seems to be wedding-gifts?

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