TPS Okinawa! And the delicious happiness.

TPS Okinawa! And the delicious happiness.
Seattle space needle One step ahead in Okinawa after the rainy season, soon in JapanHot summerIt is coming!

Through sea Sun sunshine is strong and further increase the degree of transparency, colour captures the sea of Okinawa.
After enjoying the sea should enjoy food waste is ~.

This time I have to recommend.
Ryukyu Palace original "Simama soft serve ice cream&Black sugar ice cream' It is.
Simama said in Okinawa dialect in peanuts, peanut simama soft peanut ice cream!
Black sugar ice cream even mild flavor is very popular!
Okinawa's femininity,Delicious happinessThe wrapped will smile!
And the sweets immediately call happiness. Piru-(lots of sataandagi bite size) also comes with!
From a plain, black sugar peanut, coconut, black sesame flour four flavors to choose one, which is a rarity!
Okinawa traditional local sweets "lots of sataandagi", such as bloom flower is cleanly broken, or is a Ryukyu cake seem to be laughed at and "call happiness","lucky candy" is derived from the indispensable to 引菓子 in celebrations and festivities and gifts.
When you come to Okinawa, again please try it.
Welcome rest-do!


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Looking for a 引菓子 of Okinawa seems to be wedding-gifts?

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