Lots of sataandagi wedding and Ryukyu Palace

Lots of sataandagi wedding and Ryukyu Palace
This photo was left is a photo I took when I went to the Cape.()

To buy lunch to meet the Marche
Narrow market main street is always full of people!??
In dress and tuxedos
Have a couple.Photo wedding photographyDo?
Seemed foreign,.

It has more recently I do weddings and wedding photo in Okinawa.

During the past, giving receptions in Okinawa
Who had to use the 引ki菓子 lots of sataandagi Kanto from the groom's and bride's from Okinawa.

Lots of sataandagi is first of allCongratulations candySo, did I want for our guests.

In fact, the lots of sataandagiGood luck candy called happinessWhat is!

From the open mouth is cracked, seem to be laughing
Are sweets in celebration.
Also lots of sataandagi Ryukyu Palace Weddings (wedding ceremony and wedding reception) is very often.

And, I'm requiring lots of sataandagi wedding set in Okinawa.
Nay more recently, lots of sataandagi are decorated to Dolce was right. so.
Eat like you want (lol)

Sky, and white sandy beaches and blue sea of Okinawa
It is so make the Nim's island in Okinawa.


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