2017May this year

Guardians of the sea will bring good luck

★ guardian deity of the sea will bring good luck to ★

These days are rainy, Okinawa, but comfortable(*^^*)
Ladies and gentlemen, what's new?

Enjoy marine sports such as snorkeling, diving in Okinawa
Is not scheduled to come in?
Also met the turtles during dives. Do you?


That is a story of a visit the other day, guests
"Swim with turtles"And say who took part.
Impressed by the serendipitous, almost like in dreams
Told us the appearance at that time.
I also us together and I wanted to-and I(^^)

Even just watching the sea on a sunny day filled hearts
Swim with the turtles in the sea would be better-and I(^ O ^)

For many sea turtle spawning
5From January through September seems flock in relatively shallow seas
Recently, I went [John man Beach: That was the turtles spawning on the natural beach.
Is said to call the wealth luck from ancient creatures sacred turtles
It's familiar.

And the northern part of the island and kerama Islands and Yaeyama Islands
Central headquarters city / Onna Village near the high probability of encountering turtles
As the area is known.

Mensore Okinawa brings seafood-and-
Good luckGuardian angel will bring to you?


★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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↓ ↓ ↓

Suitable for small series[Karegawa Yoshida (kariyushi)] [Result trio] [Ball results:

Let's go to katsuren castle ruins in the rainy season!

Let's go to katsu-castle ruin in the rainy season!

While that is a SportsCenter(^○^)/
Everyone, how are you?
Peas in a pod zunda's season ended,
This yearRainy season in OkinawaThe”From morning rain.”And it was very easy to understand.
Enjoy the facial expressions show the skyPollutants,
Today we are open well!

Well, that's all. I was to go to the castle ruin in Okinawa?
Located in Hill City, katsuren peninsula today.[Win-castle ruin]Would like to introduce.

WINS-castle ruin is a UNESCO World Heritage site depicts beautiful stone walls curve.
I looked up from the parking lot andSense of timeTo be it is strange ~.

Ocean view from the top.
Amawari story, meatuger(Married couple wells)A place full of mounds, mitake and historical romance, but
I recommend the[Stone]It is.

Work stacked one by one
Any workman is
What knowledge and skills and ingenuity,
Imagine what kind of feelings magnificent ramparts were making of Kana, and enjoy summer will were(Lol)
You go look, Ishigaki(#^.^#)

Incidentally, good walking shoes, a towel, a drink served is safe.
Oh, no!May becomes hungry;
Lots of sataandagi of RyukyuAnd if it is still good!

Kina was immediately

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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Suitable for small series[Karegawa Yoshida (kariyushi)] [Result trio] [Ball results:

Would-be kariyushi was common to wear and lots of sataandagi?


Would-be kariyushi costume of white color and pattern to promote Okinawa, in Okinawa Prefecture, and sewing clothing and, instead of a shirt and tie, a widely established in Okinawa.
Ryukyu bingata (Ryukyu binngata) and Ryukyu ikat (Ryukyu Kasuri), are known for pattern and color motif patterns such as Goya and Ceaser are compared and there is.
Many companies became a uniform in summer or worn as a kind of cool biz.
And also a feast for clues to our attendees to be made such as for the mourning, and spread also worn during ceremonial occasions, wedding marriage in Okinawa Okinawa Prefecture kariyushi also recommend wearing clothing are on the rise!

"Would-be kariyushi (Chia rikichi).And the Okinawa dialect"Lucky you""Lucky you"The mean.
And lots of sataandagi call good luck candy! Celebrations and weddings also often used. Of course, Ryukyu Palace original wedding for lots of sataandagi available.! Delicious is it was cute!
Take a look at the wedding, gifts, various "Would-be kariyushi scene"A thank you for you lots of sataandagi of Ryukyu(●´ω`●)


Okinawa's rainy season is coming soon!


That is, the


ぜひぜひ西海岸にも足を運んでみてくださいね(And ω ^)/

皆さん、気をつけね(; ̄O ̄)

It's not a fish? Island mackerel!!


Haitai (^ Ω ^)/

Hello everyone, what you doing?
Okinawa is graduallyWeather of the summerI may start
Speaking of summer sandals!
Do you design this year, any of theSandalsPut on you?

IIsland sabatatooTo. (^ Ω ^)/
Do you seeIsland mackerel"Did you know?
Island sandalsThe thing with Miyako Island and Ishigaki IslandIsland mackerelIt says!
It is common on the mainland say Beach sandals and

That kind ofIsland mackerelThe things carved by patternIsland sabatatooIt says!
Carved initials is your thing and you can see it is sparked!

Easy carve
You can chisel cutters and chisel, design cutters
Simply... It takes time (lol)
To carve pitch queue Ryukyu Palace logo and mascot, flowers 6 hours it took me (lol)
Craftsmen carve and about 3 hours, is(°-°;)
Chef's looking fabulous!( ° Д °)

But, fun and surprising and begins to carve quickly and was in 6 hours
Cost of materialsIsland mackerel teen(Around ¥ 500)Only so can be your own original sandals at great rates!
I hope you had a chance, please try doing (^ Ω ^)/

Speaking of artisans of RyukyuLots of sataandagiCraftsman!
Lots of sataandagiOf any otherBean pastry rent chinsukoUp anyway( ° Д °)
But also very delicious!
Jealous ─ ─(´艸`)─ ─!!
Try it ~ ♪

Tend to be or-in ★ in-key ★ was