It's not a fish? Island mackerel!!

It's not a fish? Island mackerel!!

Haitai (^ Ω ^)/

Hello everyone, what you doing?
Okinawa is graduallyWeather of the summerI may start
Speaking of summer sandals!
Do you design this year, any of theSandalsPut on you?

私はIsland sabatatooTo. (^ Ω ^)/
Do you seeIsland mackerel"Did you know?
Island sandalsThe thing with Miyako Island and Ishigaki IslandIsland mackerelIt says!
It is common on the mainland say Beach sandals and

That kind ofIsland mackerelThe things carved by patternIsland sabatatooIt says!
Carved initials is your thing and you can see it is sparked!

Easy carve
You can chisel cutters and chisel, design cutters
Simply... It takes time (lol)
To carve pitch queue Ryukyu Palace logo and mascot, flowers 6 hours it took me (lol)
Craftsmen carve and about 3 hours, is(°-°;)
Chef's looking fabulous!( ° Д °)

But, fun and surprising and begins to carve quickly and was in 6 hours
Cost of materialsIsland mackerel teen(Around ¥ 500)Only so can be your own original sandals at great rates!
I hope you had a chance, please try doing (^ Ω ^)/

Speaking of artisans of RyukyuLots of sataandagiCraftsman!
Lots of sataandagiOf any otherBean pastry rent chinsukoUp anyway( ° Д °)
But also very delicious!
Jealous ─ ─(´艸`)─ ─!!
Try it ~ ♪

Tend to be or-in ★ in-key ★ was