Look blue! Red! White! Lots of sataandagi laughed at hand!

Look blue! Red! White! Lots of sataandagi laughed at hand!
OkinawaPeas in a pod zunda(Early summer) visited the hot day.
The more days it rains and a little more slowly.

Protects us from such the Sun, wind and rain "Ryukyu roof tiles Red"For in that talk!

SHURI CastleAnd in the House, including sightingsRed tile roof.
It is a Ryukyuan red-tiled, but began production in the first half of the 18th century.
However, at that time, SHURI King are restricted by the Government, was not accepted is the use of shizoku of SHURI and Naha.
Order restricting the ordinary became freely available tile is like in 1889 and later.

Difference between black tiles commonly seen is using two types of circular eaves tiles and flat eaves tile.
Okinawa is round tileGuy tile(Our girl), The flat eaves tileHer tile(Miguel) And is called.

Tiles are not to be flown as a typhoon many Okinawan-style twist, painted plaster on the seams are characteristic.
Blue SkyTo shine the white stucco and red tileGLaDeSystem®NGRob eyes

Put the cups are not just beautiful to look at, good breathability and water-absorption of Ryukyuan red-tiledCoasterAlso it is used!

by kiyohisa