☆ peas in a pod zunda ☆

☆ peas in a pod zunda ☆

A new lifeStartI will have more ~!
Okinawa is also the open sea, started the summer ~.

Summer in the old dialect of Okinawa. [Peas in a pod zunda]Is called.
Moisturize early(Skin it)Known etymology.
It is a pleasant season.

This is sudden butHere is the problem!
What is the flower of Okinawa from the spring bloom in early summer?
(1) deigo (2) hibiscus (3) bougainvillea.
Because Hibiscus flowers are noticeable everywhere
If you come too seemed to hibiscus is?(*^^*)

1965Flowers was most popular vote by residents in
Said that flower.
Answer [(1) deigo] did.

Is the deigo flower dreams, vigor, and vitality.
Truffles feels.(^^)/

Peas in a pod zunda of seasonal flowers, Lily,
I hope you enjoy Okinawa's seasonal flowers.