★, ★ Shisa

★, ★ Shisa

In April, starts season has arrived.

In the hope or expectation chest fully,
Many people are beginning a new life is not it?
And the fireworks display early in Japan Okinawa Ryukyu sea Fire Festival
Okinawa international movie festival, enjoy all the events ahead.

And the 4/3
In a play on words"Day"

But if you walk the way you always meet Ceaser, Okinawa;
And also integrated into life as the guardian Shisa is a fellow of the Sphinx and the merlion
Since ancient times from the people there is cat-like face(Lol)
I think everyone is aware that
1 pair of Aun are also Shisa.
Eat lots of sataandagi's open mouth.
But not for inviting good fortune.
Closed mouth Shisa break the curse, evenGuardian Angel of happinessRight.

I also learn the Shisa
Big mouth open while we laugh a lot,
Start the new year.(^○^)Roars!

Everyone please fit the spring wish you a pleasant!
Kina was immediately