Speaking of classic sweets of Okinawa!

Speaking of classic sweets of Okinawa!

Okinawa also has been hot!
20Over time, even where large, open sea.
So when my cold suites I'll want to eat from.
Ryukyu Palace cool suites various offers will!

This is Okinawa classic suites."Okinawa zenzai"We will introduce.
But I think on TV you know
The Okinawa zenzaiCool cool shaved ice styleIs the standard.
Of Ryukyu Okinawa zenzai, 押麦, green beans, red kidney bean large boiled sweet with brown sugar, chilled,
Broth over the ice.
3Color red potato, turmeric, rice-flour dumplings plain human effort is over.

Blowoff heat as soothing relaxation
Try again, creating the delicious memories!
And then wait for your visit of our rest-do!