Okinawa's strongest power spot

Okinawa's strongest power spot

March is the season of the graduation ceremony, graduation!
That raised the graduation congratulations!

And it's spring break.
Used off Ryukyu Palace
Many customers has gone.

But now, I have no spring break. (Lol)
The other day, Okinawa's strongest power spot
[Seifa-Utaki]Safe UTI
In I went.
In power from natureLuck UP??
Power, such as the megalithic nature of produce, green, wind, light
Has absorbed plenty of!

According to the examined
Spots in power point
"Thank you today is" like "calm in mind.
It seems to put more emphasis to spend a leisurely, humble.

Better flow and luck
When it comes to modesty
What I created by myself. Said.

Check it out guys
Power spot of Okinawa to try?.
SomethingGood thing May have Isuzu(@⌒ー⌒@)Bruno