[Cherry] and [lots of sataandagi] affair!

[Cherry] and [lots of sataandagi] affair!

Sakura season has just ended.
On the Mainland and flower from now on, enjoying seeing cherry blossom season is a rush!

Gradually blossomed from a bud,
Makes me feel happy to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom.

While fried lots of sataandagi
Just a thought so.

Oh!(°-°;)Sorie BA

Go and gradually broke the dropped oil on fabric
Lots of lots of sataandagi broke open line on the floor
People who eat people to happiness.Cherry blossoms.

That's right.
Is lots of sataandagi is such a cake.
For lots of sataandagi cracking a smile means
Candy used in celebrations and events.

It is a season in full bloom!

Please come off when
Please stop by to take a look at the smiles bloom Ryukyu shrine.

Happy to give(́Д ')Mach GAINAX