☆ Okinawa, treats about ☆ agaracer

☆ Okinawa, treats about ☆ agaracer
Hi all!
Always watching blog of Ryukyu,
Thank you for your(^O^)

Today is loved in Okinawa
We will talk about rustic local sweets.

See agaracer.Do you know candy called?
This is the candy are familiar throughout Japan.

And translate the "steamer" meaning is
Steamed buns and steamed sponge cake also refers.

This agaracer
Around the market and supermarket
~ ~ Go look at and around the
A casual, go the or is fitting.
Although not flashy, just
It is the snack gets close to everyday life.

Laid under leaf pictures
The banana, pumpkin, Artemisia and red sweet potato, brown sugar
It is a mix of Regula SA.
Though the Okinawa champuru culture
What symbolizes the intensity!

During their trip to Okinawa
Local still looking guy who's one of the fun,
Is not in?

沖縄のローカルなおやつアガラサーWhen you get tired of looking
Rest in the Ryukyu Temple-, also in fun and nice!