Okinawa Makishi public market in traditional local sweets "lots of sataandagi' shop & Café in Okinawa. Happiness will carry wedding gifts and 引菓子 "of Ryukyu lots of sataandagi" offers the taste of handmade by skilled craftsmen. Very sweet menu, such as "Okinawa zenzai" Cafe. Old fashioned taste and enjoy Okinawan confectionery & sweets!

Brown sugar

★ Ilya! ★ Okinawa black sugar

It said that along with hatchets.
(* Actually not saying and Ilya...>_<)
Brown sugar burst fly.
It is over the counter of operation performance.

Are crackingTarama-jima brown sugar!
Is the most advanced product "special".
Delicious, nutrient rich.
Survive the summer, solid mineral supplementation.

Now the Spree crack today!


And say...(>_<)