Lots of sataandagi

The taste of the fascinating. And its true identity,?

Soon spring break!
The graduation trip to Okinawa Go!
And without hesitation
"Ryukyu-snacks restaurant-loochooan Palace ' to Go!

Because Okinawa celebrated cherry blossoms in full bloom, the air temperature over 20 ° C every day of the warm travel date(((o(*°: ° *)o)))
China is kinda hot! Lol

Believe it or not coming to Okinawa"Lots of sataandagi of Ryukyu"I won't eat and go home?(° 0 °)Mottainai!

Lots of sataandagi specializes in "Ministry of Ryukyu candy Ryukyu Palace ', steady glow of skilled craftsmanship taste. With each day, hand-made.
The taste is superb defended the traditional "plain", "brown sugar",
Ryukyu Palace limitedNew texture to become a habit "black sesame flour" 4 types of "coconut".

I recommend "black sesame flour" is. With a refined sweetness and
Fluffy out and flavor of Sesame spread this alsoSpecialWhat is!
You know you can't eat!
Want to eat soon as well. I'm always eating. Lol

For example, when suffered souvenirsOkinawan "yamahara shikuwasa.And
Miyako-Tarama island produced "raw sugar"In conjunction with the
Too thoroughly to try to set Okinawa horsetail!! of course all aligned in the Ryukyu Temple(^o^)/

I recently too cute photo shot! Naha with cherry blossoms. Please to enjoy plenty of spring scenery and delicious Okinawa. ^ – ^!

Best reward trip to Okinawa!
"Ryukyu-snacks restaurant-loochooan Palace ' to!


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Take o初o eyes!

Haiti! Wannetamakiahibin! Utacichunigasabila ♪
(Hello! My name is Tamaki! Thank you ♪)

It is a girl who loves fried foods and carbohydrates. This is the University of Tsukuba. Hobby is a workout! Yes, the contradiction(Heart)

Is Okinawa's recent volatile weather was sunny days off work a little, so I went on a picnic!

It's then I!

Calorie is happy(Light)
Shops I love Inari and chicken, and dessert honey out Piru-ofBlack sugar Peanut flavoro(^o^)o

First, black sugar Peanut flavor is familiar food from lots of sataandagiWaxAnd when

Ate impact!Warm in the toaster, and inspiring! could!

Looks good too, with home and scramble for the mother and the black sugar Peanut flavor! Starts a fight or die.(Lol)

The black sugar peanut taste from your wellTaste like chocolate?And effective. The feelings I feel for you,(Heart)
From the appearance the brown sugar"Slow or! Even this?! "Stain less and understand that the taste is thick!

Happy ~I and rich tasting, on Valentine's day.For someone who is indebted.How present? ^ ^

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Tucker, birth celebration! Lots of sataandagi auspicious confections!

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With gratitude, give people products
[World now (yugafu)] [Karegawa Yoshida (kariyushi)] [Result trio] [Ball results:


Haitai! Only the gate Mayer-key.(*Be é ∀ ' *)
A happy new year!
Happy new yearRyukyu PalaceThank you m(_ _)m

And congratulations to our coming of age ceremony celebrated ★

It is new year's 1 second article ★
Was worried about, I'll tell you what it is, but still talk about are things of Okinawa. Coming of age ceremony.Congratulations...


Ladies and gentlemen, the[Tucker]Do you know?
[Tucker]And that, said the birth celebrationIn their zodiac signs, heiwajimaHope, doTraditional eventsWhat is ★
This year is our year of the dog-(*Be é ∀ ' *)

ThisTuckerThe events in Okinawa have been important in theThis year's 2/17(Lunar 1/2)To be done!

Will be held during theKajimaya!!
97Years of ageThe celebration(́ω ')
(The lunar calendar is held in 9/7 / 10/15)
Regional parties in the parade in a convertible or a hotel, will be held.
It can be seen by international Street near the Ryukyu Palace if timing is right. Lions .(・ ∀ ・)Degrees ...-

In fact a simpleton,Good luck cakeIt'sLots of sataandagiAlso use our ★
In particular, using the bingata designs with red & white gift box
*• ° ° • *:..:*・’世果報’・*:... ..:*• ° ° • *

It was really helpful(*Be é ∀ ' *)b

Please review link below!

Tend to be or-only-key with you ★

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Tucker, birth celebration! Lots of sataandagi auspicious confections!

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With gratitude, give people products
[World now (yugafu)] [Karegawa Yoshida (kariyushi)] [Result trio] [Ball results:

Travel to lots of sataandagi

HarumiThe morning breaks, betting in
"Where to go today?"
And I think about while watching the blue sky peeking through a gap in the curtains.
It is the beginning for a nice day!

Planning a party,
The blowing of the wind as the fancy 委setari.
Leave the rest of the world
This is an unexpected finding and a fresh feeling to be happy.

Well, lots of sataandagi also journey to did you know?

Today“Snufkin-loochooan Palace”[Shook poop out Piru!]The story is.

They are 3 brothers.
Bite-size Petite,
Cinnamon, soybean flour, powdered sugar and character different.
They entered the cup easy to carry sweet tooth on someone's backpack side pockets and
While fit tote bag get to travel around Japan and abroad.

Fairly wet alright, because the waves of the sea they are.
Danger and can fight against Ajax and comes with sword-stick.
When you use the"Bob"Eject and"Scoops."And is good so they can bite.
Is a container with a lid that's up charm points!, oishiicotomovathlechaikenay!

Do you we it together went only want now?(Lol)
Lots of sataandagi travel [m immediately. Piru-] is today waiting in the shop of Ryukyu.
Mountains, rivers and sea play with a travel buddy
Please go take a look at, together(^o^)/


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Suitable for small series[Karegawa Yoshida (kariyushi)] [Result trio] [Ball results:

Makeover! Lots of sataandagi!

How do you do! Ryukyu Palace MOM, or not.(^-^)
From this time I participated in the blog. Thank you ♪

Well, I find another 12 months mid-looks like he's from.

Children look forward to December big event as well,

As expectedクリスマス!!

Lots of sataandagi of Ryukyuan and Christmas,
Do you think it's not at all a combination?

So there is no o(*And (b), *)o

This time, at home, you can easilyLots of sataandagi arrange recipesThe introduction!

I'm at home with my daughter's elementary schoolMiniature&SnowmanI made!

Materials are here.

-Your favorite ' POO! Piru-"2 bags
(Using plain and black sugar peanuts)
And "frilly immediately. Piru-(powder sugar)" 1
-Adhesive for white chocolate.
(And heart into the ground if you like lots of sataandagi 1)

-Two lots of sataandagi (coconut)
And Choco pen
-What candy to hand in

How to make easy.
While white chocolate stab with toothpicks and the hot water tap and just accumulate only (laughs)

"Know what?-! Do not I! ヽ(o be é ∀ ' o)-"And make a very enjoyable despite girl talk!
Careful Eater thumb in too much then please note that Isuzu(*Be d ' *)Tumamigide, onukippay

And is completedClick here for☆ *:... ★.:*☆

The image of the croquembouche style ^ ^

Snowman is the idea of my daughter. Become independent with a knife cut down a little bit.
Tree put another one lots of sataandagi of the ball in the Middle, toothpick in there immediately. Piru-sting and was stable.

Pinching one time so if you like to eat, so perfect for parties with friends.

Okinawan Christmas everyone! try being-not v(*’-^*)Happy Christmas!-:*+.★

Added bonus
Over was us getting Piru-in was making stuff like this ^ ^

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Suitable for small series[Karegawa Yoshida (kariyushi)] [Result trio] [Ball results:

10Speaking of the month... Halloween!!

Tend to be or-only-key.(Person ° ∀ ° *)
What care we?

Typhoon has gone, and industrial festivals to become stop, it's a shame. But stillTown to prevent WA willIt is!

10On May 31 at 2 pm-5 pmThe Heiwa Dori shopping streetHalloween stampsIs done
By accepting the(Shop front ANY of the lamplight darkness click town to prevent WAA from the hotel) at participating stores pushed the stamp, stamp homepage finish line should I get candy!(Target is elementary school)
Ryukyu PalaceAlso has become the stamp spot
City to explore WAA also made the candy canBestヽ(・ ∀ ・)Bruno
You can get any candy for?? Looking forward to

So I can't join in the age (lol)
In the home of the earlyHalloweenDid

M immediately. Piru-to mix the Beni IMO powderHalloweenI turned into the wind!
Real honey was Piru, in anime"Pitch queue'The makeover is a feat!
Very cute is not? Lions .(・ ∀ ・)Degrees ...-

If you arrange our cute!! Tell me, please ☆

Tend to be or-only-key failed

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Suitable for small series[Karegawa Yoshida (kariyushi)] [Result trio] [Ball results:


"Oh, was! '

Use at a wedding, it's him!"

A couple of days in Okinawa before the wedding guests,Ryukyu Palace gifts"Result trio"It was when you were coming to see the No. 1 voice(^ O ^)Uleshiina!

"What is the decisive result trio to use gifts and thought? "And asked,

"That came to mind from the Okinawa wish Lantern chinsuko, lots of sataandagi, once searched for gifts, lots of sataandagiCute lots of sataandagiFind, was speedy! "And whats the good word.

Congratulations on your marriage!

"Lots of sataandagi.TheSmileAndFlowersIt looks like bloom,Call the happiness cakeSo is also perfect for weddings.

Meeting lots of customers and lots of sataandagi, I feel very happy for having a good time laughing together.
The motto of Ryukyu,"Smiling, energetic, thanks'Under the motto from this encounter lots of looking forward to look forward to.


★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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Suitable for small series[Karegawa Yoshida (kariyushi)] [Result trio] [Ball results:


Speaking of Okinawa,.

Okinawa now, tourism is the season!
Midsummer sun Gilla.(°-°;)Toker

Hello everyone"Okinawa"Speaking of do what you imagine?
Aquarium tropical, marine sports, Shisa, Goya, near Okinawa, SHURI Castle, beauty...

I don't think there is beam Okinawa's main attraction is no longer personal,Beautiful seaIt is!

This time the tourist ship recommended "Orca No."We introduce.
Orca issue that set sail from the port of Naha is a semi-submersible underwater sightseeing boat, is on the first floor and second floor nice breeze from horizon views.
And go down to the basement and would you believe it! Seen a colorful, tropical fish, swim emerald waters(^o^)/
Can enjoy the sea of Okinawa batch so watch the underwater viewing point. Undersea fantasy is too beautiful, inspiring, if you're lucky it is seen sea turtles too!
If you are interested take a look at try please!

Oh, don't forget!
Speaking of Okinawa, it was lots of sataandagi! Lol

Look at the beautiful sea, "Lots of sataandagi of Ryukyu"Eat and enjoy at Okinawa(^_-)
And also, please!


★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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Suitable for small series[Karegawa Yoshida (kariyushi)] [Result trio] [Ball results:

Would-be kariyushi was common to wear and lots of sataandagi?


Would-be kariyushi costume of white color and pattern to promote Okinawa, in Okinawa Prefecture, and sewing clothing and, instead of a shirt and tie, a widely established in Okinawa.
Ryukyu bingata (Ryukyu binngata) and Ryukyu ikat (Ryukyu Kasuri), are known for pattern and color motif patterns such as Goya and Ceaser are compared and there is.
Many companies became a uniform in summer or worn as a kind of cool biz.
And also a feast for clues to our attendees to be made such as for the mourning, and spread also worn during ceremonial occasions, wedding marriage in Okinawa Okinawa Prefecture kariyushi also recommend wearing clothing are on the rise!

"Would-be kariyushi (Chia rikichi).And the Okinawa dialect"Lucky you""Lucky you"The mean.
And lots of sataandagi call good luck candy! Celebrations and weddings also often used. Of course, Ryukyu Palace original wedding for lots of sataandagi available.! Delicious is it was cute!
Take a look at the wedding, gifts, various "Would-be kariyushi scene"A thank you for you lots of sataandagi of Ryukyu(●´ω`●)


☆ Ryukyu Palace staff back recipe! lots of sataandagi