So situations!
It is no doubt.

Naha city, the nearest resort, Mihama American village.
Voyage de LUMIERE Chatan resortIs going to go.

Ryukyu Palace wedding gifts products
Is that they are available.

In the Okinawan-style gifts
Because it is a product that is very pleasing
I am happy.

Thank you very much!

Voyage de LUMIERE Chatan resortMr. a
Weddings are a popular wedding venue,
See please consider how to be married now?!

Okinawa's weddings
It is enviable.

On top of that

Near from the city of Naha.

No worries of guest accommodations.


KADENASpeaking of

Sunset Beach Sunset(People are taking photos everyone.)
Many may have been, gourmet, shopping, cinema, bowling alley and has become a tourist site, so that is not it!

Visiting other spots where you can enjoy with family and friends, lovers, so try
What would you like?


☆ instagram is here!.
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"It was a nice wedding.

What kind of time to such a conversation?

When the ceremony is over, go to the party?
In the middle of the back train or taxi

I'm sure many people end enjoy all the
Loosen the tie, while
Or rubbing the heel injury in high heels does not become accustomed.
Go back to our home,
The word when you breathed sigh of relief.

Children to the wedding 引菓子
And may be waiting for
My wife was watching the TV, but
I wanted to listen to today's events, may make the tea.
As well as for hot water in the bathtub was attended by family members who are
People who live aloneNow want to talk to someone, I could make the call.

Try to imagine...


In the table of family togetherness
引菓子 of today's wedding will be laid out.
Peel off the paper, what is? I exchanged conversations, opens the box sealed.

Wax and bite.

After this will start conversations at the beginning.

Delicious sweet magic.
This is the magic fun, healthy, and prosperous people.

* * * * * * * *

This time, I will share[Present day Halle sweets]We have released.
Product names are"Good world"(Awry desire)It is.

Because lots of sataandagi shop with skilled craftsmen one by one, we make.

That was over the mosaic in the preparation stage blog
Finally able today to finally introduce him to everyone, I'm happy as long as it is.

"Good world" in the story.
It is also the next time we will introduce.

Read the long sentence at the end, thank you very much.
People who read so far
Maybe looking for 引菓子 or gifts for isn't it?
If so, come and me both happy help you let.

Magic smile blooming, sweets are available.
Please contact staff for more information.

* Currently, "generation now" sales page is being created,
Available only in stores.
Because it can deliver all across the country as soon as completed.
Please wait for a while.


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Suitable for small series[Karegawa Yoshida (kariyushi)] [Result trio] [Ball results:

Lots of sataandagi wedding and Ryukyu Palace

This photo was left is a photo I took when I went to the Cape.(Lol)

To buy lunch to meet the Marche
Narrow market main street is always full of people!??
In dress and tuxedos
Have a couple.Photo wedding photographyDo?
Seemed foreign,.

It has more recently I do weddings and wedding photo in Okinawa.

During the past, giving receptions in Okinawa
Who had to use the 引ki菓子 lots of sataandagi Kanto from the groom's and bride's from Okinawa.

Lots of sataandagi is first of allCongratulations candySo, did I want for our guests.

In fact, the lots of sataandagiGood luck candy called happinessWhat is!

From the open mouth is cracked, seem to be laughing
Are sweets in celebration.
Also lots of sataandagi Ryukyu Palace Weddings (wedding ceremony and wedding reception) is very often.

And, I'm requiring lots of sataandagi wedding set in Okinawa.
Nay more recently, lots of sataandagi are decorated to Dolce was right. so.
Eat like you want (lol)

Sky, and white sandy beaches and blue sea of Okinawa
It is so make the Nim's island in Okinawa.


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Suitable for small series[Karegawa Yoshida (kariyushi)] [Result trio] [Ball results:

6Brides of the Moon and tri Ochi was Piru.

Yes please!
Getting more rain, like a rainy season has come.

6Say, "June bride".
Guardian deity of the Roman gardenJUNO(Yunho)Seems to be and can live a happy married life to marry in June, the guardian legend has it.

I cite the wedding in Japan is more time ★
D may be compared to Kanto, Okinawa and about one month after the rainy season because the June bride to a great place(^ _ ^ o)

And age-old celebrations in Okinawa is indispensable to seeLots of sataandagi"It is!
That looks like a smile is cracked and the blooming and good luck candy;

Recommended is a cute little lots of sataandagi Ryukyu Palace original "Tri Ochi was Piru.」!
Drazen's weddingAlso ideal for ★
CutetheI'm happy, ItheEat a deliciousThe doubt that everyone becomes happy, as well as plays.

After peek out Piru.FrozenWe eat as it is delicious.(^_^)
Rabbit is miso, and ★

by kiyohisa

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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Suitable for small series[Karegawa Yoshida (kariyushi)] [Result trio] [Ball results: