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2018年7月16日 : : 熱中症に純黒糖
「南国沖縄からこの夏一押しの熱中症対策にオススメの一品」 全国的に暑い日が続いていますが皆さんお元気です...
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2018In July, 8 pm : : Wake up it's lots of sataandagi
Everyone, how are you? Thank you! Natsuki is(^^) Of the recent typhoon No. 7 after a home troubled storms Ant is making..
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2018年7月3日 : : Candy will be HAPPY to
After the rainy season in Okinawa, my oldest son (1 year 8 months) and finally "Yaya period" to and sign of the rush. You say in the streets..
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The Okinawan wedding favors (Drazen) wedding ceremony and wedding reception?

In the Ryukyu Temple[Membership]For we are looking for members. To the Member from Ryukyu Palace on March 1-2 timesOur exclusive deals and know Okinawa informationWe will deliver!

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Tradition has been popular since ancient times are carefully building firm over local sweets "lots of sataandagi" traditions as we will be loved forever.

Black wood is stuck to the modern & classical Ryukyuan Palace original SATA andagii is flavored with coconut flavor. Come taste lots of sataandagi new texture.

"Immediately I Piru-" the is lots of sataandagi in little bite-sized. "Immediately I Piru-" the has product name and means "small" in Okinawan dialect.
Plain, coconut, black four black sugar peanut-Sesame flour taste.
* [POO! piる.], is a registered trademark of Ryukyu.

Most popular Ryukyu candy Ministry of Ryukyu Palace! It is a tiny lots of sataandagi eats, and sprinkled with powder.
* [POO! piる.], is a registered trademark of Ryukyu.

You can enjoy such as Ryukyu candy Ministry of Ryukyu Palace, as well as lots of sataandagi zenzai original Okinawa / Ryukyu AW honey, ingredients of Okinawa.

[Naha's] lots of sataandagi Ryukyu Palace you can purchase at the store! Orders accepted from 1 bag. We ship nationwide.

[Naha's] lots of sataandagi Ryukyu Palace located 2 F of the first Makishi public market ago the eyes of the first Makishi public market. Meet the”Slowly I want to” The place please.