Next thing you know, there's the South!

Next thing you know, there's the South!
Seattle space needle

On a nationwide scale and warmCherryIt started to bloom.
Off the coast ofOne foot in the rope before high backThis flowerBlooming!

WhatThe flowers?

TallYellowNot speaking of flowers.

Do you okay it??

Correct answer is "Flower"Failed!

Nature sunflowers also are gradually starting to stretching, temperature exceeds 20 degrees!

AndSouthCountry plant tall growing in Okinawa said.
I hope you know,Sugar caneIt is!

Last week I introduced"New sugar / raw sugar"

%I have tried.



Grew up in OkinawaBecause in the sugar-caneEvery yearIt is just a slightly different flavor of.
Knowing the difference between you is brown sugar.Sommelier(@_@)/Tabunne

[Delicious eating Department]

TricksIn a pure brown sugar, choppedYogurtTo eat is recommended!

Pure brown sugarFreshen upAnd sweet and yogurtSourWithExquisiteA harmony!
NoseCoupled with the flavor of raw sugar out, close your eyesOut-of the seaSpread.
And from a distance is 3-wire instrumentMay come!

Come and try it!

PS:To the damnTricksOf identity here.YouTube