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Naha city, the nearest resort, Mihama American village.
Voyage de LUMIERE Chatan resortIs going to go.

Ryukyu Palace wedding gifts products
Is that they are available.

In the Okinawan-style gifts
Because it is a product that is very pleasing
I am happy.

Thank you very much!

Voyage de LUMIERE Chatan resortMr. a
Weddings are a popular wedding venue,
See please consider how to be married now?!

Okinawa's weddings
It is enviable.

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Near from the city of Naha.

No worries of guest accommodations.


KADENASpeaking of

Sunset Beach Sunset(People are taking photos everyone.)
Many may have been, gourmet, shopping, cinema, bowling alley and has become a tourist site, so that is not it!

Visiting other spots where you can enjoy with family and friends, lovers, so try
What would you like?


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