Okinawa Makishi public market in traditional local sweets "lots of sataandagi' shop & Café in Okinawa. Wedding happiness will carry "of Ryukyu lots of sataandagi" offers the taste of handmade by skilled craftsmen. Very sweet menu, such as "Okinawa zenzai" Cafe. Old fashioned taste and enjoy Okinawan confectionery & sweets!


Wedding with lots of sataandagi

Wedding with lots of sataandagi

This photo was left is a photo I took when I went to the Cape.(Lol)

To buy lunch to meet the Marche
Narrow market main street is always full of people!??
In dress and tuxedos
Have a couple.Photo wedding photographyDo?
Seemed foreign,.

Recent wedding photo in Okinawa and
Should do weddings
Seems to have increased.

You'll feast on Okinawa
Who had to use the 引ki菓子 lots of sataandagi Kanto from the groom's and bride's from Okinawa.

Lots of sataandagi will begin with youCelebration cakeSo, did I want for our guests.

In fact, the lots of sataandagiGood luck cakeWhat is!

From the open mouth is cracked, seem to be laughing
Are sweets in celebration.

I'm in Okinawa betrothal sets lots of sataandagi is a 外せない thing.
Nay more recently, lots of sataandagi are decorated to Dolce was right. so.
Eat like you want (lol)

Sky, and white sandy beaches and blue sea of Okinawa
It is so make the Nim's island in Okinawa.
Ah after ten years younger, or 20 years!! I also wanted to do that to(Lol)


Push this summer!

Tend to be or-only-key is (^ Ω ^)/
Every dayHotRight!
So nothingHot dayDo not eat something cold is followed?

With red kidney beans in the Ryukyu Temple slowly simmered in pure brown sugar,Cold ~.Provided with ★
Eat freshOkinawaand
Sweet tooth is dying,Condensed milk zenzaiBlack molasses Leche zenzaiBlack molasses flour zenzai
And colorful and cuteSpecial dream colorZenzai

How to eat depending on taste!
Ryukyu Palace tend to or-representative I recommend to eat here was gone!
(PhotosBlack molasses flourZenzai is)

Eat the top of zenzai, dig across from the Center.

And when you see the red kidney beans

Little by little, eaten with beans around.
You can taste along with the beans by, wearing a black treacle and kinako ice.
This is also yes I'm(Σ ° ∀ °)Σ

And in the iceTopped withIt is possible!
White 3 pieces and vanilla ice cream with small, condensed milk!
1Per species+50CircleIn the you can!

If you have something good to eat, too, please let me know!


6Brides of the Moon and tri Ochi was Piru.

Yes please!
Getting more rain, like a rainy season has come.

6Say, "June bride".
Guardian deity of the Roman gardenJUNO(Yunho)Seems to be and can live a happy married life to marry in June, the guardian legend has it.

I cite the wedding in Japan is more time ★
D may be compared to Kanto, Okinawa and about one month after the rainy season because the June bride to a great place(^ _ ^ o)

And age-old celebrations in Okinawa is indispensable to seeLots of sataandagi"It is!
That looks like a smile is cracked and the blooming and good luck candy;

Recommended is a cute little lots of sataandagi Ryukyu Palace original "Tri Ochi was Piru.」!
Drazen's weddingAlso ideal for ★
CuteI'm happy, IEat a deliciousThe doubt that everyone becomes happy, as well as plays.

After peek out Piru.FrozenWe eat as it is delicious.(^_^)
Rabbit is miso, and ★

by kiyohisa