Okinawa Makishi public market in traditional local sweets "lots of sataandagi' shop & Café in Okinawa. Wedding happiness will carry "of Ryukyu lots of sataandagi" offers the taste of handmade by skilled craftsmen. Very sweet menu, such as "Okinawa zenzai" Cafe. Old fashioned taste and enjoy Okinawan confectionery & sweets!

★, ★ Shisa

★, ★ Shisa

In April, starts season has arrived.

In the hope or expectation chest fully,
Many people are beginning a new life is not it?
And the fireworks display early in Japan Okinawa Ryukyu sea Fire Festival
Okinawa international movie festival, enjoy all the events ahead.

And the 4/3
In a play on words"Day"

But if you walk the way you always meet Ceaser, Okinawa;
And also integrated into life as the guardian Shisa is a fellow of the Sphinx and the merlion
Since ancient times from the people there is cat-like face()
I think everyone is aware that
1 pair of Aun are also Shisa.
Eat lots of sataandagi's open mouth.
But not for inviting good fortune.
Closed mouth Shisa break the curse, evenGuardian Angel of happinessRight.

I also learn the Shisa
Big mouth open while we laugh a lot,
Start the new year.(^○^)Roars!

Everyone please fit the spring wish you a pleasant!
Kina was immediately