2017March this year

Speaking of classic sweets of Okinawa!


Okinawa also has been hot!
20Over time, even where large, open sea.
So when my cold suites I'll want to eat from.
Ryukyu Palace cool suites various offers will!

This is Okinawa classic suites."Okinawa zenzai"We will introduce.
But I think on TV you know
The Okinawa zenzaiCool cool shaved ice styleIs the standard.
Of Ryukyu Okinawa zenzai, 押麦, green beans, red kidney bean large boiled sweet with brown sugar, chilled,
Broth over the ice.
3Color red potato, turmeric, rice-flour dumplings plain human effort is over.

Blowoff heat as soothing relaxation
Try again, creating the delicious memories!
And then wait for your visit of our rest-do!


Okinawa's strongest power spot

March is the season of the graduation ceremony, graduation!
That raised the graduation congratulations!

And it's spring break.
Used off Ryukyu Palace
Many customers has gone.

But now, I have no spring break. (Lol)
The other day, Okinawa's strongest power spot
[Seifa-Utaki]Safe UTI
In I went.
In power from natureLuck UP??
Power, such as the megalithic nature of produce, green, wind, light
Has absorbed plenty of!

According to the examined
Spots in power point
"Thank you today is" like "calm in mind.
It seems to put more emphasis to spend a leisurely, humble.

Better flow and luck
When it comes to modesty
What I created by myself. Said.

Check it out guys
Power spot of Okinawa to try?.
SomethingGood thing May have Isuzu(@⌒ー⌒@)Bruno

[Cherry] and [lots of sataandagi] affair!

Sakura season has just ended.
On the Mainland and flower from now on, enjoying seeing cherry blossom season is a rush!

Gradually blossomed from a bud,
Makes me feel happy to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom.

While fried lots of sataandagi
Just a thought so.

Oh!(°-°;)Sorie BA

Go and gradually broke the dropped oil on fabric
Lots of lots of sataandagi broke open line on the floor
People who eat people to happiness.Cherry blossoms.

That's right.
Is lots of sataandagi is such a cake.
For lots of sataandagi cracking a smile means
Candy used in celebrations and events.

It is a season in full bloom!

Please come off when
Please stop by to take a look at the smiles bloom Ryukyu shrine.

Happy to give(́Д ')Mach GAINAX


Notice for all staff (full-time employees)

We are looking for full-time graduate and mid-career hiring full-time employees.

Aiming for growth, with the goal to demonstrate personality and ability
Ryukyu Palace will support at best.
For more information, please contact us directly.
(* In the email contact is not allowed)
After that, please bring resume and curriculum vitae
That you visit.

You can learn marketing, customer service, sales, sales.
You get a sales professional qualification after joining the
Become a system.

○ selection process

Interview: (1) supervisors at interview and (2) human resources personnel interviews

After the screening interview guide to recruitment.

Examination: (1) written examination (* writing style), (2) aptitude test

[Handling of documents regarding:
When you submit personal information, and on the recruitment process
No other transfer or disclose to third parties.
Please note that we do not return application documents.

○ also if you would like to work at the same time they are looking for.
(* One month update system)

[Contact information]
TEL098-862-6401 personnel: Akashi