Ryukyu Palace the original lots of sataandagi

A wind-up coconut flavor, black powder flavor stuck to the modern & classic, leaving Okinawa traditional stories are. Product was created with lots of sataandagi surface stores is an original product of Ryukyu no!
Oily, outgrown image of lots of sataandagi boiled down to the throat and holds together well.Seeking good lots of sataandagi making my hands forward.

Ryukyu Palace the original lots of sataandagi
ココナッツ味 1個120円(税込)
In lots of sataandagi topped with tropical coconut products.
Coconut flavor and unique texture is lots of sataandagi and match favorable reviews.

Ryukyu Palace the original lots of sataandagi
黒ごまきな粉味 1個120円(税込)
Put plenty of lots of sataandagi sanded black tomato, soybean flour.
New texture combines sweetness and aroma of black sesame, and soybean flour, are lots of sataandagi.

You can enjoy such as Ryukyu candy Ministry of Ryukyu Palace, as well as lots of sataandagi zenzai original Okinawa / Ryukyu AW honey, ingredients of Okinawa.

[Naha's] lots of sataandagi Ryukyu Palace you can purchase at the store! Orders accepted from 1 bag. We ship nationwide.